Our RunWise program is perfect for runners/triathletes of all ages and experience!
  • Running should be fun? Yes
  • Running should be easy? Yes
  • Running should hurt? No!

Running and walking are the simplest forms of exercise… One foot in front of the other… But why does it get so complicated?

Over the years more and more research has been done on running and whilst this has been excellent for progressing the sport, it has made what should be a simple activity more confusing, especially for those new to the running.

  • What should I wear?
  • What running gait should I use?
  • What cadence should I use?
  • What shoes should I buy?

Unlock the joy of running with our RunWise program – simplifying the sport for all ages and experience levels! No more confusion – just fun, easy, and pain-free running!

Inclusion of the RunWise Program

  • Those new to running or walking: this session helps prevent injuries, gives you ways to get fitter/faster/stronger.
  • Those who have been running for a while and are stuck or not improving as much as they would like.
  • Woman transitioning through perimenopause and menopause.

Those who are stuck in an injury rut, or become injured time after time.

The sessions are run by Esher Townsend (link to bio), she is passionate about running and helping people run injury free. “It’s really sad when you hear people say they’d love to run, but they are ‘not made to do it’, or they gave up because of an injury. I believe everyone should be able to run or walk and enjoy it”.

This session looks at:

  • Goals
  • Strength
  • Gait
  • In shoe pressure measurement
  • Footwear
  • Training
  • Age/hormones.. how these affect the above.
  • a guide to help reduce the risk of injury
  • a strength training program (gym or home based)
  • a guide to appropriate shoes, data from the In-shoe pressure measurement system allows us to see what happens between you, the shoe and the ground.
  • tips on improving gait
  • basic training program or if you have one already, tips on improving the program, we are happy to liaise with your coach/PT with the findings from the assessment.
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